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Global impact investing market 2021
Forecast to grow by 2030
Australian Impact Investing Market
Forecast to grow by 2025

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$50,000 min (wholesale)

Access exclusive investment opportunities typically reserved for the ultra-wealthy, super funds, and institutional investors. RegenX unlocks these exclusive deals for you, eliminating traditional investment barriers by lowering the minimum entry point from over $1 million to just $50,000.

Buy and Sell Anytime

Unlock the power of 24/7 trading. No lengthy lockups and settlement delays. Experience the liberation of liquidity with our live secondary market solution, giving you the control to buy and sell, navigate and direct your investments at your convenience, resolving traditional illiquidity challenges.

Diversify & lower Costs

Access an extensive selection of top-tier sustainable projects via our unified platform, simplifying your investment journey. This approach not only diversifies your portfolio & lowers overall risk, but it also significantly reduces administrative costs, making your investments more cost-effective.

What we do


Consultation Project

Expert consultation to wealth advisers, family offices and fund managers in understanding the potential of tokenisation


Fund Structuring

Our team of experienced professionals assists wealth advisers & fund issuers in structuring their funds for tokenisation


Tokenisation & Compliance

RegenX handles the end-to-end tokenisation process, digitising funds into tokens as well as providing ongoing support.

Why RegenX?


Higher Returns

Unlock the opportunity for capital growth with a diverse range of investments. Experience the benefits of high-yielding alternative investments, now accessible at more affordable entry points.

Rising Demand for Impact

Impact investments are projected to reach $956 billion by 2027 with a staggering CAGR of 17.8%. This surge is buoyed by the rising influx of millennial investors, driving sustained momentum.

Carbon Credits

No more Carbon Credit Incentives: Receipt of carbon credits as a form of payment, aligning investments with sustainability goals. These credits can be bought, sold, and traded like any other digital assets on the platform. Say goodbye to “Greenwashing”.

Wider Investor Pool

Unlock access to a diverse spectrum of Impact investors and blockchain enthusiasts, while reaping the benefits of portfolio diversification. Experience unparalleled flexibility with the ability to seamlessly transfer assets across blockchain platforms

Real-Time Impact Data

Track your investments with real-time data and insights. RegenX uses machine learning to provide live data directly from climate-positive projects. This data can also be utilised for predictive weather forecasting, flood & bush fire warnings & research.

Greater liquidity

Enhance the potential to increase Funds Under Management (FUM) through diverse and expanded investment offerings. Our platform facilitates greater liquidity & streamlines the flow of capital, to cater to a wider range of investor demands.

Core values

Impact-driven investments for a better tomorrow

Who We Are

RegenX is an innovative fintech startup transforming alternative assets. Our experienced team blends finance expertise with tech innovation, focusing on impact investing.

Our Vision

We envision a future where sustainable investing is integral to the global financial ecosystem, driving environmental and societal benefits alongside financial returns.

Our Mission

Our mission is to democratise access to impact investments using asset tokenisation, making these opportunities more accessible, liquid, & transparent for everyone.

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